Goodbye? or not

Hey guys, it’s collyflower78. Back again after years. I know I’ve been promising to post more often, but I never got the chance to. This blog was such an amazing experience for me. It held a huge part in my life. But I made up the decision a while ago to quit fantage. Not because of this blog, but because my life was getting busier, and I found other things to fill my time for entertainment. Sometimes I revisit fantage, only to find that it is completely changed and everything I once loved is now vanished. I am so so happy that I made a bunch of friends along the way, and I knew that I couldn’t leave this blog without an official goodbye. Previously I’ve moved from fantage to the motafam. So I’m quitting this blog.. but that doesn’t mean I’m walking out of your lives forever.

If you want to still stay in contact with me I have two ways.
1. Instagram, I have a Bethany Mota fanpage named @motawood.
2. Email:

One day I may want to come back and update the blog. I may do so to say “hello” to you once again, but otherwise this blog may be abandoned. Maybe, you could spend your spare time browsing through our blog to see what fantage used to be like. But for now, I have to say a real goodbye to this blog.








hey guys, so i dont even think people look at this blog anymore 😦 but if you do, i just wanted to tell you that ily ❤

recently, i haven't really been on fantage that much. and its such a shame that i left this blog to waste because, guys, we're almost at 28k views! that is just so breath taking and amazing to think that that many people viewed our blog 😀

so… i've decided that YES i will continue this blog! but only if i can find another owner that will be active enough to literally support this entire blog! thats right, if you get this position, then you can basically TAKE OVER THIS BLOG AND HAVE IT ALLLL TO YOURSELF (but please don’t lock me out 🙂 )

don’t worry, im still going to try my best to be on fantage for a little and try to post some current events on fantage. but literally, i really can’t keep up with everything that’s happening, even in the summer! so when the school year comes…. yikes… but if i get a new laptop from my parents, i’ll probably post more! yay! pray that my parents let me get one 🙂

anyways, if you want to be an admin (and literally take over this blog) just comment below:
1) your blog name (best recommended that you already have a blog so i can see your blogging skills)
2) fantage username

*if you don’t have a blog but still think that you can be qualified for the job, comment below and i will respond ASAP!!!*

so i really hope that you guys are still active, and if you’re active, then I’M going to be active! so stay active if you want me to post more and be on more 😉


Coming back!

Wow, I haven’t been on in centuries, like literally. I’m so sorry this blog has been very inactive. I promised that I would post more often in 2014 but it seems like I haven’t. I broke my promise to you guys 😦

Lately, everything has been so busy and I’m go geared up, my schedule is packed.

I am replying to your comments, and THANKS FOR 24k views you guys are amazing 🙂

People are giving me so many compliments, and some schools are using my blog as an example ❤

I couldn't have gone anywhere without any of you guys. This is so amazing.

So I'm happy to say…….. I will be returning!

My school ends on June 19, so when I'm on summer break, I will be on frequently and post events a lot more often.

I haven't been on fantage in a while so I need you guys to help me stay on track of what's happening.

Thanks, you guys are amazing and understand that I love everyone of you.

Comment if you're still active 🙂

Bye I love you!

Going back…

As many of you guys could maybe tell, fantage district has been very inactive recently. We haven’t been posting much about events. But now, I’ve decided to return to blogging. I’ll try my best to keep up with these events, and I’ll need to update a lot of things.

But I really do need another worker for this blog. I contacted the winner of the “hiring workers” contest, but she hasn’t responded yet. So if you want to be another worker of this blog, please comment below so I know. I don’t check my email that much but if you want to talk to me personally about something you can email me at

I was really surprised when I found out that I still got about 30 views each day even when I was inactive on this blog for two months. I’m really sorry, I’ve been really busy with schoolwork lately but I’ll try my best to update these fantage events. I do need another worker for this blog, so comment below:
1) your fantage username
2) your blogging experience
3) why you want to work for this blog

I hope that we can get a worker so that we can continue our blog 🙂

-Collyflower78 😉

1 Year Anniversary!!

Hey guys! Most of you don’t know, but it is officially a one year anniversary of our blog Fantage District!!

I started the blog on December 23, 2013. But I officially started posting events in 2013 because I thought it would be great to start off the blog in the new year! My first post was “BLOG UNDER CONSTRUCTION”.

At that time, I just started the blog. The post is still there if you still want to view it.


Wow, one year. I’ve been through winter, spring, summer, and fall with you guys :). I’ve done so much in one year and I wouldn’t be here without you guys.

I really want to thank princess jillanna, she was the first commenter and one of the first viewers of our blog.


Thanks so much for all of your support. Your comments keep me going and I just wanted to tell you that you guys are just so amazing. Each one of you guys mean so much to me.

I’m sorry I missed a couple of fantage events and important updates to post, my grandparents passed away and…. It’s just been a really hard time for my family, I’m so sorry I couldn’t post fantage news for you guys, :(.

Wow, one year. Once I look back, it seems like I’ve been posting my first event yesterday. It seems like it was yesterday that I got my first comment. Again, you guys just don’t know how amazing you are and how much each of you guys mean to me.

I wonder what 2014 will bring. I’ll try my best to have a bunch of fun contests and activities for you guys, and I’ll try my best to post more. What do you guys think I should have different in the new year?

Happy holidays from Fantage District 🙂


Fantage Stars for Charity Event 2013

The news will arrive when you arrive:
Here’s what you can do during the event
If you donate some stars, Fantage will transfer that to money and donate it to the less fortunate ones.
You can donate stars in Uptown and Downtown. Just click the Star pool, and you can donate stars for toys, clothes, or technology.
To see the prizes you can receive by donating, click on the “Charity Goals and Prizes!” stand. You can view how far Fantage has donated with their stars, and the prizes you can receive by donating. You don’t have to donate 10,000 stars to earn a prize. All you need to do is donate 100, and that little will help, including letting you get the prizes xD)
To see how much view how Fantage will split between the stars we donate, click the Live Updates stand.
On the top of your screen, you can view how much stars you’ve donated, along with the stars everyone has donated.


Enjoy your holidays!


Locked Secrets

Me and some of my friends have created a new fantage drama series~ Locked Secrets! There is teenage drama and secrets that uncover slowly through the drama series. I prefer mature people to watch this, so…

Anyways, here is the video:

Please comment below and tell me if it is good. Also, tell me what I need to do to improve my series so it will meet your needs.

Enjoy watching!
~Collyflower78 🙂

A Very Fairy Feast

As usual, the news come in right when you log on.


This is the information on the event:


There is an evil force upon us that darkens fantage. Watch the event movies for more information.


Here are the limited items, in their usual carts:


Tom Tom Pet Sale

Well, it’s Thanksgiving. Tom Tom is a limited holiday pet. Now, you can get him again! If you originally owned him, you can get a cute Tom-Tom hat.



Play some event games and win fruits to fill up the Cornucopia at the castle. You can get prizes for the amounts of fruits that the entire fantage deposits!


Ticket Booth

You can also earn tickets from playing the games. These are the prizes for the ticket booth:


Fairy Flight

Fairy Flight is a game located at Mt. Fantage. Here are the instructions on how to play:



I don’t know if my computer was laggy or something, but the black shadow cats got me every time. You have to jump at the right time ~ not too early and not too late. So, basically I ran through all of the shadow cats and STILL got 24 tickets and 20 fruits!

Tree Trouble

Apparently, the black magic is turning some trees black. Here is the instructions on this minigame:


Use your mouse to hover your fairy wand over the trees. It takes a few seconds to “heal” the trees, but after a few seconds, the black magic comes again. :/


Have an AMAZING Thanksgiving! 🙂

-Collyflower78 😉


Fashion Show Updates!

Fantage usually have changes and updates to their looks and occasionally, they change their Fashion Show Themes. Remember when there was a time when Fantage barely had any events and barely had many updates? Either they have better ideas, or they want more people to play on their websites, because they’re throwing in a lot of events and updates.

You’ll see the news right when you come in.


Here are the changes that Fantage made to Top Models Inc:


The outside of Top Models Inc. also has a new look.


The inside of Top Models Inc. has a new royal touch to it.


To join or host a Fashion Show, click the “play” button on the top right corner of the screen. There you will see a list of fashion shows available for you to join.


On top of the join button, you will see a level of difficulties. The different level of difficulties depend on the different people participating in the Fashion show. If you want an easy game, then choose “very easy”. If you’re up to a challenge and need more stars, join “very hard”. But if you want to enter a fashion show not too easy and not too hard, join “even match”. Below is a chart of the different levels of difficulties, including the extra star bonuses you get for entering each one.


On the top of the avatar’s name, you will see what themes they chose. You can either choose a Top Models Fashion Show theme or a Beach Fashion Show theme. Here are what both of the themes look like:

Top Models Fashion Show Theme

Beach Fashion Show Theme

Hosting a Fashion Show

If you want to host a fashion show, click the orange “Host a Fashion Show” button found at the bottom of the fashion show list. You can choose a Beach theme or a Top Models Fashion Show theme. Underneath the theme pictures, you can view the music list, which will be the music being played during the fashion show. You can choose and switch your music by clicking the DJ on the top right corner of the runway.


Enjoy the new Fashion Show and have fun:)


The Vintage Gold!

As many of you know, the vintage gold will be coming out tomorrow! This is a chance for many of us to get the rare items we wanted.


Hurry up and go finish your last trades!
I will try to post about the new store tomorrow!

-Collyflower78 🙂